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Tailored Power BI Training

Forget the one-size-fits-all training that leaves you wondering how to apply what you’ve learned. Our two-day, hands-on Power BI training is different. It's priced from £1500 and built around your business's data and real-life scenarios. This way, your team doesn’t just learn Power BI; they know how to use it effectively for your needs.

Backend Developer

Using Your Data

Why learn with hypothetical examples when you can use your own data? We look into your databases and spreadsheets, using the numbers and info your business deals with every day. This approach means the learning is relevant, understandable, and immediately applicable to your work.

Focused on a Real Project

During the training, we focus on an actual project from your business. This could be anything from improving your sales reporting to getting better insights into customer behaviour. By working on something that matters to your team, the training sticks, and the benefits are immediately seen

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Practical Skills for Immediate Impact

Over two days, your team will get hands-on experience with Power BI, guided by experts. They’ll learn how to create reports, analyze data, and much more. By the end of the training, they’ll have practical skills that they can use immediately, making a real difference in how your business uses data.

Why Choose Tailored Training?

Our training is perfect for teams that want to get up to speed quickly and effectively. The learning is more relevant and impactful because we tailor the session to your needs and use your data.


This training is for you if you want to empower your team with the skills to fully leverage Power BI.

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