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Turning Data Into Decisions

We transform your data into your most powerful asset.


We transform your data into your most powerful asset.


LayAnalytix specialises in Data, Business Intelligence (BI), and AI consultancy. It focuses on providing strategic BI support and enhancing existing data capabilities.


Our tool of choice is the Microsoft BI stack, including Power BI & Fabric, the entire Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure.


We look at your data, uncovering insights and streamlining processes to move your business beyond spreadsheets into a future of efficiency and informed decision-making.


While we have experience across various industries, our expertise shines in the financial services sector, where we aim to make a significant impact.

Your Path to Data-Driven Success

Unlock the full potential of your data with our unique 'LayAnalytix Strategy' model. Designed for businesses of all sizes, our approach speeds up the time it takes to see actual results, helping you make faster, smarter decisions.

Expertise Meets Innovation

Our team isn’t just skilled; they’re pioneers in data and business intelligence. With real-world experience and innovative thinking, we transform your data challenges into success stories.

Chosen by Leaders, Delivering Outstanding Results

Top names in industries like finance, retail, and tech trust us to drive their growth and save costs. Our record of turning data into wins is why clients come to us and stay with us.

Services That Get You Ahead

We don’t just work with your data; we unlock its true value. Our Microsoft-certified experts use an outcome-focused approach to bring you results that matter.

Smart Solutions, Fast Outcomes

Our 'LayAnalytix Vision' method comes from years of leading the way in data and AI. We’ve created a way of working that gets you ahead quickly without the risks.

Building Your Data Capabilities

We see the gaps in data skills and close them. By updating your systems and training your team, we give you the power to keep improving long after our work is done. We’re about setting you up for future success.

Why LayAnalytix?

Just for You - Every solution we offer is crafted to meet your specific needs. We understand your business first, then apply our tools and talents to solve your unique challenges.

Industry Wisdom - Our focus might be on data, but our experience spans sectors. This broad perspective ensures we’re prepared for any challenge, especially in finance, where we excel.

Power BI Experts - From analytics to automation, we harness the entire Microsoft suite to enhance your operations. We’re not just users; we’re certified pros.

Custom Projects and Training - Whether you need a quick fix or an in-depth project, we're here. Plus, our tailored Power BI training uses your data for real learning.

Let’s Unlock Your Data’s Potential Together

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business thrive with data. With LayAnalytix, your data has never been in better hands.

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